Hey y'all , my name is Kaelin Daye! I am a mom, photographer, videographer, graphic designer, marketing strategist, and now boutiqe owner.... All of the above sounds a little crazy when I read it back.

Owning a retail store is something I knew I always wanted to do, and purchasing A Gallerie truly felt like the right fit. I was walking down Main Street one afternoon with my fiance and our son when I pointed at A Gallerie and said, "If that store ever comes up for sale, I want to buy it." One week later I caught wind that Amber & Ashley (the previous owners) were intrested in selling.

I felt like it was just meant to be, which sounds so cheesy and straight out of a sappy novel, but it's true. While I have a full plate, I knew this was a jump I was supposed to make.

This journey has been scary and exciting all at the same time but I am so happy to be here. My plan is to fill the store with a range of price and size options in clothing, all the wonderful home decor the store has always had, as well as new and unique gift items.

I want all who enter A Gallerie to be able to walk out with a purchase they are happy with and proud of.

See you soon!